Hey all :)
this web side is Really old and i forgot all about this (sorry) :)
but there will soon be new & better save files for XP farms, texture pack and so on :)


--- OLD but ok ---
jump to Download files for the Blaze XP farming
jump to Download files for the Skeleton & Zombies XP farming

here is the 3 Blaze XP farms BlazeXPfarms.zip new(11/18 2011)
you can go outside and look at converoy belt and mob squash
have fun :)

Skeleton Look down
for you there ask for a picture inside where the spawner are :)
remeber to add sign in the top of the pit then the skeleton dont see the pit ;) No meat No brain ;)
You can do it on a lot of different ways

how to hit the skeletons without them hitting you
if you are on a MPS you have to be as close to the skeleton that they can shoot at you
and skeleton behind begin to shoot at the skeleton in front.

be 1 block away from the floor the Skeleton staying on

download files for the XP farming
"New" save file 0SH1.zip, withe water seen in the Video
No Voice 53 min. Only for people ther cant wait Minecraft xp farming (Not Edit Video)

in the save file there is only the fall 23 system non water elevartor :) sorry
but i hope i get time some night to build one for you :)
Be sure your not in Peaceful mode before you start, else you will lose all the skeleton

if the save file dont work look here
if you just open the Zip file and and draw the folder out it will work :)
else you shall open the folder and there will be a folder with same name, where the data are in :)
    " \Downloads\SH800up\SH800up" you shall use the last folder

if you just want to look then go for SH81XPtrap0up.zip
if you want to kill 800 Skeleton go for SH800down.zip

i have 6 save files for you
why 6 files ? for some have a slowe Laptop and some have a faster PC/Mac

1 here you are at the top and can go ine and look and etc. SH81XPtrap0up.zip
2 here you are down with 60 skeleton ready to kill them :) SH81XPtrap60down.zip

Warning it can lag ;)
it will get you to 62 i belive
3 800 skeleton ready SH800down.zip
4 800 skeleton SH800up.zip

Warning only use the file if you HATE your PC and whant to kill it ;)
it will get you to lvl 100+
5 here you are ready to "talk" withe 1300 Skeletons :) SH1300down.zip
6 here you are at the top and the 1300 skeleton is waiting for you SH1300up.zip

skeleton 0SH1.zip
i notes when there was 40 skeleton there dint Spawne more skeleton :)
because they are jumping:)
and there was so many that there was more in 6 skeleton in the air at same time :)
( more in 6 skeleton to close to the Spawner and it stop Spawne )
you can fix it if you dont turn when you get to the top of the water elevartor
go away from the spawner, so your skeleton are are 9 block away and you are 15 or less block from spawner :)

download files for the seed(no XP)
it is a Seed wit it all (without mushroom)for more info see YouTube Video there is a MAP in the end of the video
Opdateret d. 20.5.2012